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With only about 3 weeks left of winter, I’ve managed to survive the whole season without a single cold… Until now. In my case, no other description best suits my sickliness than this: “when it rains, it pours”. What started as a slight thirst in the morning turned into a full fledged sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, raspy voice, and a tender neck.

In my food-crazed mind, my first thought was not to plan an appointment to the doctor, but to concoct the ultimate home remedy adopted by American moms everywhere: chicken noodle soup. Don’t worry, the doctor will make his/her money come Monday. For now, soup will be enjoyed.

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the idea

I've always been a lover of food: it's capability to comfort the hard days, to encourage imagination and messiness in a world of order, to explore different cultures through cuisine, and to weave the invisible thread that brings people together around the table.

I started this blog for myself.

As a college student, cooking became a way to release the stress of impending finals, to be creative when I felt unoriginal, and to breathe life into my sometimes discouraged self.

Each week I'll post a new dish, masterpiece or fiasco, to keep record of my continuing education in food and life.

the student: a foodie who loves to learn

Kimberly Aumer

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