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The semester is quickly coming to an end and for me, graduation is biting at my heels. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really excited to be relieved of all the grueling exams, the carbon-copy lab reports, and the heavily detailed research papers, but it’s kind of hard not to feel bittersweet about the whole transition. In 2 weeks, I’ll be entering the big-bad-real-world and saying so long to my college years, hello nine-to-five and a steady paycheck (hopefully)! If there’s one thing I’ll miss the most, it’s the friends I’ve come to know and love over these past four years. It’s people like them that make a girl feel lucky and even more thankful to call these friends my family.

I’m taking advantage of this time that we have living together. On every Sunday when we were kids, my mother made a big home-cooked dinner and a special dessert for our family. We’d stop everything and gather together around the table to share our weeks and enjoy this meal in the company of one another. Last Sunday, my friends gathered together for our own family dinner… and of course, dessert!

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the idea

I've always been a lover of food: it's capability to comfort the hard days, to encourage imagination and messiness in a world of order, to explore different cultures through cuisine, and to weave the invisible thread that brings people together around the table.

I started this blog for myself.

As a college student, cooking became a way to release the stress of impending finals, to be creative when I felt unoriginal, and to breathe life into my sometimes discouraged self.

Each week I'll post a new dish, masterpiece or fiasco, to keep record of my continuing education in food and life.

the student: a foodie who loves to learn

Kimberly Aumer

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