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If it’s 8pm on a Tuesday, the only place you can find my friends or me is huddled in front of the television watching LOST. It is the last season so each new episode is special, almost sacred, in our hearts and there’s no better way to celebrate before the big show than making and enjoying dinner together. Each meal is usually something we throw together from our fridges and last Tuesday was no different… except with a little help from the local pizzeria.

Not many people know how easy it is to make pizza at home that’s far less expensive and probably more creative than your average delivery pie. Making pizza dough is fairly easy, but you can pick up already made dough from the grocery store or your local pizzeria at a minimal price (we paid a whopping $3.69 for a large pizza dough and a full 20 oz cup packed with provolone cheese). Just scrounge around your fridge for some leftovers or some ingredients from your pantry and be creative! You really can’t go wrong with any toppings. 

Here’s my hodgepodge version of veggie pizza.


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the idea

I've always been a lover of food: it's capability to comfort the hard days, to encourage imagination and messiness in a world of order, to explore different cultures through cuisine, and to weave the invisible thread that brings people together around the table.

I started this blog for myself.

As a college student, cooking became a way to release the stress of impending finals, to be creative when I felt unoriginal, and to breathe life into my sometimes discouraged self.

Each week I'll post a new dish, masterpiece or fiasco, to keep record of my continuing education in food and life.

the student: a foodie who loves to learn

Kimberly Aumer

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