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It’s Lent!

For all you Catholics out there, you know thisĀ  is prime fish fry time… and, of course, the 40 days and 40 nights leading up to Easter. Being raised Catholic, Fridays during Lent meant that we were eating some form of fish: baked, fried, or grilled. To celebrate Ash Wednesday, Aaron and I cooked up some delicious fish tacos with some cool and spicy sauces to accompany it.

fish tacos with avocado sauce and pink chile mayo

With one taste, you’d think you were lying on a beach somewhere warm and tropical, enjoying a Corona underneath a palm tree, and watching the waves come in…

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the idea

I've always been a lover of food: it's capability to comfort the hard days, to encourage imagination and messiness in a world of order, to explore different cultures through cuisine, and to weave the invisible thread that brings people together around the table.

I started this blog for myself.

As a college student, cooking became a way to release the stress of impending finals, to be creative when I felt unoriginal, and to breathe life into my sometimes discouraged self.

Each week I'll post a new dish, masterpiece or fiasco, to keep record of my continuing education in food and life.

the student: a foodie who loves to learn

Kimberly Aumer

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